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  • Before submitting your site do a quick search to ensure you site isn't already listed.
  • Submitted sites must be complete, not under construction.
  • Sites titles must contain a maximum of 6 words and titles such as 'Personal Finance' or 'Link Building' etc. will not be accepted as they are not unique!
  • Site descriptions should be descriptive, written in English with sentences starting with captital letters and ending with full stops. Not English sites are allowed only in "World" category.
  • Submit only to the best subcategory, a site submitted to an inappropriate category shall not be added. Deep linking is allowed!
  • Do not submit mirror sites that have the same content, but different URLs
  • If you are submiting a site with a return link but it isn't recognised, submit your site as a regular link and send us an email with the backlink address. Reciprocal links must be on the submitted site!
  • Your website will be reviewed within 1-3 weeks. Our editors have the right to accept or reject any site submitted, may alter the category, title and/or description or your submission.

The following sites will not be included into the directory:

  • Sites containing inappropriate CAPITALIZATION, excessive advertising, sites that use redirects or that consitute spam
  • Sites containg any illegal materials, materials violating the copyright, pirate software or links to other sites that contain it
  • Sites containing products for adults, libel or child pornography
  • Sites containing the propaganda of violence, hatred or fraud
  • Sites selling or advertising weapons, drugs and other illegal products
  • Sites selling pharmacy products

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